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His Forbidden Touch Cover

His Forbidden Touch

by Shelly Thacker

Narrated by: Julia Motyka

Length: 12 hrs 31 mins

Series: Stolen Bride, Book 2

*Audiobook received in return for an honest review*

 Story: 4 1/2 stars

Performance: 3 stars

Overall: 4 stars

“You can insist all you like, Your Highness, but my place is wherever I want it to be.”



Accepting her responsibilities as princess of Chalon, Ciara agrees to marry Prince Daemon of Thuringia, known throughout the kingdom for his ruthless cruelty. Believing her father harbors no real love for her, after the tragedy that crippled their family, Ciara can only hope her sacrifice would somehow earn his good favor.

Banished from his homeland, Royce Saint-Michel returns to Chalon for one reason alone, to get back all he lost. Agreeing to the role of escort and protector for Princess Ciara, he need only obey one simple rule regain his noble station, do not touch her.



Three words describe the delightful tale woven by Ms. Shelly Thacker best, a slow burn. I really enjoyed this historical romance set in the imaginary lands of Chalon and Thuringia. The sexual tension between Ciara and Royce developed from a tempered kindle into a roaring inferno. The perilous adventure created a wonderful backdrop, moving the story along at a comfortable pace. Strategically creative twists leaves the reader wondering with each page turn, which will win out in the end, love or duty. I highly recommend His Forbidden Touch if you love historical romances or were thinking about giving the genre a shot. Please note, this is book two of the Stolen Bride series. I have not read the first, but the story stood well enough on it’s own. However, I do intend to go back and read the first book because I enjoyed this one so much.

Julia Motyka does a good job of narrating, making it easy to distinguish between the multiple characters. I loved how her voice inflected the antagonisticly divine nature of our hero, Royce. And I said before, I do plan on delving back in for more.






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