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Welcome to my stop on the Sweet Ruin by Nazarea Andrews Blog Tour!

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It’s good to be on top… Asher Knox has it all. Girls, wealth, a career most would kill for. He’s just landed the biggest job of his career. And he’s miserable.

She’s fighting her way from the bottom… Megan Beauchamp has no illusions about why she was chosen to be Asher’s PA. She’s pretty, and down to earth, and everything the Hollywood star always falls for. Too bad Megan is just paying her dues and has no interest in anything but advancing at her PR firm.

He’ll throw it all away…Luca James knows what he wants. And he’s waited a long time for the window to open—when it does, he’ll walk away from the career he’s built for a chance at something real.

When Megan’s boss threatens to fire her, Luca and Asher convince her to leave town with them. Between bad hotels and pit stop confessionals, the three are drawn closer together. And the lines blur even more in Branton, where Megan is forced to look at everything she left behind. But when the boys want more, Megan will be forced to choose between the men she loves and the life she thought she wanted. And in a town like Branton, the secrets she keeps won’t be hidden for long.

Warning: for mature audiences. Two sexy men + one sassy heroine = hot sex.


My review:

Sweet Ruin is the third book in author Nazarea Andrews’ University of Branton Series.  I have loved this series since the first book and let me say, Nazarea has really turned up the heat with this latest installment!

Megan Beauchamp isn’t a fool.  She knows she has to work extremely hard if she ever wants to make it big in the PR firm she works for and handling celeb heart-throb Asher Knox is definitely the hardest job yet.  But if anyone is an expert at handling Asher, it’s her.  She isn’t like all the other women in his life in that she doesn’t let his status affect her.  Sure, he’s gorgeous and sexy with a killer accent, but she knows him inside out and backwards and knows he’s really just an ordinary guy.  An ordinary guy with a huge crush on her.  Luckily for her, she isn’t interested in all the headaches that comes with relationships.  What she needs to do is focus on her career.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Heart-throb Asher Knox has it all….except Megan.  He’s rich and famous and über successful in Hollywood but he can’t help but be falling hard for her.  She’s ignored his advances thus far but things have a funny way of working out sometimes and when Knox sees a chance at getting Megan away from all the glitz and glam, he knows he needs to take this chance for what it’s worth….the chance to make her fall for him.

Luca James has been in sort of limbo for too long.  He’s best friends with Megan and would love to take it to the next level…but he wants more.  He craves a different type of relationship, one he’s sure Megan wouldn’t be into.  She’s already mentioned in the past that she doesn’t like to share….which is exactly what he does like.  Will he ever get a chance to show Megan that sharing could be better than she’s ever imagined?

Fate, however, seems to have a plan for these three and sets them on a trip that will change them all…forever.

Excuse me for a minute while I cool down a bit.  Whew, this book was by far the hottest and sexiest of the University of Branton Series.  I, of course, enjoy a break from the vanilla every once in a while and this was just delicious.  The chemistry between Megan, Asher and Luca was there right from the start and I can’t say who I would have chosen if I had to pick between Luca and Asher.  Megan definitely had a tough choice but luckily she didn’t have to choose between them.  *wink, wink* Again, this is definitely the sexiest of the Branton series and it was a nice departure and addition!

And of course it was a treat to see my fave Branton professor and other cast of characters I’ve grown to love!

Thank you, Nazarea, for letting us visit Branton again!  It will always be one of my favorite towns and I will look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

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About the author:

photo-11Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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