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The Darkest Joy releases February 18th

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A sexy and poignant new adult novel from New York Times bestseller Marata Eros, about two lost souls who find each other in the wake of tragedy, only to learn that love may not be enough to heal the wounds of a dark and tortured past…

Twenty year-old Brooke Starr has escaped the aftermath of a brutal tragedy by abandoning her music studies and moving north to take a summer position as a part-time deck hand on a deep-sea fishing boat. When her survivor’s guilt becomes unbearable, Brooke realizes there’s only one thing she can do to finally erase the pain.

Deep sea fisherman, Chance Taylor, has just wrapped his guitar set at the local saloon when he sees the silhouette of a young woman in repose, the full moon highlighting her shadow as she plummets from a pier too high for diving… into water too cold to survive. Without thinking, he plunges in after her, saving Brooke from drowning.

As Chance works to save her from her own emotional fragility, Brooke finally begins to learn how to save herself. But when their chemistry begins to consume them, Brooke withdraws. She’s determined to be the master of her own destiny… until the past catches up with her in a cataclysmic plan so dark, so final… it threatens their love and their very lives.


My review:

The Darkest Joy is the newest work from author Marata Eros.  This story pulled me in from the very first chapter and kept hold until the amazing ending.

Gifted and talented young pianist Brooke Starr is dealing with more grief than possibly imaginable.  Her entire family has been brutally murdered and she is left with no one.  It’s because of this loss that she decides to give up everything and head to her late aunt’s cabin in Alaska and try to make sense of things.  Try to overcome the unimaginable pain and grief.  Of course that is easier said than done and she finds herself slipping deeper into a dark depression.  She has found work on a fishing charter as a deck hand and hopes that is the distraction she needs.  It’s there that she meets Chance Taylor, the owner of the charter.  Chance will prove to be more than a boss when he saves her from her lowest point and starts to breathe life back into her broken soul. 

Chance Taylor has lived his life for the sea.  It’s where he feels most at home and at peace.  In small town Alaska, there isn’t much more to life and that is ok with him.  Being a single guy, he didn’t need the hassle of love and relationships and loved the freedom the ocean gave him.  That all changes when he meets the new deck hand he hired.  Sure he knew it was a girl, but he never expected the broken and fragile beauty that walks into his office.  There is a pain within her he can sense…and relate to.  He had no idea when he first met her that her pain would affect them both and end up bringing them together and finally give Brooke a chance to heal.

Together, Brooke and Chance make their way through the choppy waters of grief and pain and find a safe haven from the storm in one another’s arms.  But there’s still one problem lingering….her family’s unsolved murder and an investigation into a similar murder.  Will the nightmare for Brooke ever come to an end?

This book started out with heartbreak and slowly grew into something beautiful.  It was gut-wrenching to read Brooke’s attempt at healing and moving on.  She is such a lost soul.  I admired her attempt to pick up the pieces and find solace in Alaska.  For a young woman, she had immense strength.  I also admired her willingness to embrace life again after the death of her family.  Yes, there were many dark moments and she didn’t have a whole lot of hope in the beginning of the story but she eventually snapped out of it and it wanted to hug her! Chance is amazing.  He’s strong and understanding with an insight into Brooke’s heart that had me swooning.  They work so well together and create a beautiful match.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the suspense of the murder investigation! We knew there was a possible serial killer out there but were really kept guessing until the very end.  Ms. Eros did such a fabulous job with not giving out too many details and letting the reader draw their own ideas….until about the last 20 pages.  Then puzzle pieces really start to fall into place and it was a huge “whoa” moment when we learn the killer’s identity.  Really well done!

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the different emotional layers within this story and recommend to all you romance and mystery fans!  Thank you, Marata, for a wonderful read!


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About the author:

My name is Tamara Rose Blodgett and I write dark romantic erotica and new adult dark romantic suspense under the pen name Marata Eros, and new adult dark fantasy under my real name.

Reader feedback is important and I take it very seriously. I check my email each day. All questions about my dark erotica and romance should be directed to the above email address.

*As an aside, I just wanted to comment that: I am writing what I love to read. I enjoy dark paranormal and edgy romantic erotica with suspense and intrigue.

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