Valentine’s Day in the Line of Duty with Tessa Bailey

(Oh, I am so excited for this!)

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As many of you know, I abso-freaking-loutely ADORE Tessa Bailey and her alpha males.  She writes some of the best I’ve ever read.  And their hot and sexy dirty talk?  Second to none.  

Well, here it is, Valentine’s Day, and I have to admit I am so NOT a flowers and poetry kind of gal which may be why I love Tessa’s guys so much.  Because those men are anything but flowers and poetry….thank all things holy! They are as manly and alpha as you can get and yum, they are perfection.  I had a hard time choosing just ONE to hang with on Valentine’s Day, so I figured we could spend it with all of them.  You’re welcome!

To celebrate, I’ve got Tessa’s favorite lines from each book and for the icing on the cake?  Matt stopped by and wrote a little valentine for Lucy *swoon*

Oh, and I can’t forget the giveaway!  A $50 Amazon Gift Card and silver handcuff necklace will go to one lucky winner.

Thanks so much for stopping by and ENJOY!

Valentines Day 2014

Protecting What’s His (Derek)

“Baby, if I’m going to take you into a room full of men wearing that dress, I’m damn well going to be the only one who knows the color of your panties.”

Derek VDAY

His Risk to Take (Troy)

“Yes. But don’t worry, baby.” Before she could register his intention, he’d swung her up into his arms. “Even with your panties on, it’ll still be the best sex of your life.”

his risk to take VDAY

Officer Off Limits (Daniel – inner thoughts)

 Good Lord, baby, Say my name again. I need you to say it in your sleep. When you touch yourself. To no one in particular. Just say it, say it, say it. 

Daniel VDAY

Asking for Trouble (Brent)

“You made this fucking sound, Hayden. The first time you spread your legs to take my cock. I hear it everywhere I go. This goddamn…moan? Sob? I don’t know. All I know is if I don’t fuck that sound out of you again soon, I’m going to completely lose my mind.” 


Staking His Claim (Matt)

“Trust me to be obsessed with making you come, Lucy.”


…ready to swoon?

An exclusive for you!

Matt’s Valentine’s Day card to Lucy….



I am giving away a silver handcuff necklace, a “Be safe at night, sleep with a cop” tshirt and a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!

Handcuff neckace


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  1. Tessa’s men take my breath away. They may use crude language, but it’s gritty, sexy, emotional and REAL. Love ’em!!

  2. Lori Gonzales says:

    Oh hot damn, I love Tessa and her men! Especially Brent! These quotes so make me want to reread her books today!

  3. Love Tessa’s books and a wonderful card from Matt to Lucy.

  4. I REALLY enjoyed Matt’s book! It was awesome!

  5. OMG thank you so much!!! This is fan-tastic!!! I’m beyond excited!!! Can’t wait to share pics of my prizes. Love you and Tessa to pieces xx

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