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One Week

(HaleStorm Series, bk #1)

By Elisabeth Staab



Michael Hale’s company is in jeopardy. In the wake of his father’s death and transitioning to CEO, projects are circling the drain and that may cost him everything. Come to find out, the consultant hired to fix things is the “one who got away” many years ago. This time he’s playing for keeps, and he intends to win.


Elise Jackson swore she wouldn’t come near Michael Hale again. He sucker punched her professionally, and he broke her heart. Still, a job’s a job, and they can both be adults. But high emotion and late nights working lead to passion neither of them can deny.

They have one week. Can the two of them pull Michael’s company out of the fire and heal their old wounds?


My review:

One Week is the debut in author Elisabeth Staab’s newest series, HaleStorm.  I have been a fan of Elisabeth’s for quite some time now and was so excited for One Week and yep, Elisabeth rocked it again!  This book was fantastic!

Elise Jackson still can’t believe she agreed to take this assignment and has in turn agreed to put herself in the path of the man the broke her heart five years earlier.  Michael Hale.  With a little bit of luck she can avoid the man she had interned for all those years ago, get in, do her job, and get out with her heart intact.  What Elise didn’t know is that would be nearly impossible considering he was now the CEO.  She was a professional now and not that unsure intern, however, and she was determined to remain unaffected by his presence and show him exactly what he let walk out his doors five years earlier.

Michael Hale has just realized he’s in way over his head.  Not only regarding his new title of CEO of a potentially drowning company, but also with the fiery redhead he thought he would never see again.  Elise has haunted his memory since she finished her internship with his company….only now?  Now she outshined all of those memories with her confidence and delicious sex appeal.  He felt terrible about how things ended back then.  She is here to help his company for one week, which meant he had one week to make things right with her and apologize for being a complete jackass.  And maybe, have another chance with her.

With as much work as they have on their plate, Michael and Elise should be plenty busy with little time left for rekindling an old flame….but with a bit of luck and a whole lot of coffee, anything is possible.

If you follow me on twitter, you will probably know that I was hooked on this book from the very first chapter.  I knew this book would be great, because Elisabeth is pretty freaking great…and it lived up to every ounce of expectation I had.  Elise had her heart crushed by Michael and she totally used that experience to her advantage and has used it to shape the beautiful and smart businesswoman she is today.  She’s got wit and brains and a wickedly funny sense of humor.  Honestly, I was laughing out loud at some of the zingers that came out of her mouth!  Michael has really learned a lot in the past few months.  He had no choice but to grow up and take charge of his father’s company.  He’s got so much on his plate, not just professionally but personally, and I really felt bad for the guy at times.  Luckily he didn’t have so much on his plate that he couldn’t turn on the charm and try to woo Elise.  Damn, that man can woo.  The chemistry between them is instant and intense.  I loved their backstory because it added to the intensity of their attraction.  There was also a bit of mystery involved in the company and it really added a fantastic layer to the story.  Oh, and there were more than a few surprises along the way which lead to a “whoa” ending!

I highly recommend One Week to all my fellow contemporary romance lovers.  Thank you, Elisabeth, for a delicious start to a series I can’t wait to read more of!


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“I should have looked for you.” He wrapped his arms
around her and groaned aloud at the warmth and softness of her skin against
his. The rough texture of her nipples against his chest, the dampness of her
hair on his shoulder. “Just touching you makes me crazy. My God, Elise. I
should have known. Fuck, I did know, and I ignored it. I’m so goddamned
“You’re not stupid.”
“I am stupid.” Michael
gripped her hips—fucking luscious, curvy hips—and ran his hands up that amazing
hourglass arc in her waist and over her shoulders, reveling in the magic of
Elise’s hands giving him the same treatment. “I’m stupid because I thought I
could push you away all those years ago and I’d forget and find someone else
who turned me on as much as your hand bumping my knee under a cubicle desk.
Christ, I tried to tell myself it was all innocent, but I lived for every
“Oh my God.” Elise’s eyes flew wide, her cheeks flushed
in the low light of her bedroom. “I had no idea.”
“You must have, if you
gathered up the nerve to kiss me.” He bent her back, one hand braced between
her shoulders, the other gripping her ass, trailing kisses along her jaw. Their
only-for-tonight agreement be damned, already he didn’t want to let her go.
“I hoped.” She gripped his
shoulders, smiling. “If I’m being honest, all that accidentally bumping your
knee wasn’t so much an accident.”


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Elisabeth Staab still lives with her nose in a book and at least one foot in an imaginary world. She believes that all kinds of safe and sane love should be celebrated but she adores the fantasy-filled realm of paranormal romance the best. She lives in the Washington DC area with her family and one big scaredy cat, where she loves to spend time with good friends, go dancing, collect wacky coffee mugs from which to drink her favorite beverage, and sing off-key in her kitchen (when she isn’t making characters fall in love, that is).

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