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Title:   Bohemian (Stone Masters Vampire #4)

Author:  Vanessa Fewings

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date:  October 22, 2013

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Immortals exist. Their underworld is real.

And they want her dead.

When a girl goes missing from the streets of London, Inspector Ingrid Jansen sets out to find her, but with every step she takes toward solving the case, mysterious forces mobilize to stop her.

Infamous vampires Jadeon and Orpheus reemerge into Ingrid’s life. But what are their intentions? Are they allies or enemies?

Ingrid will be forced to push past the boundaries of fear and love in order to solve a centuries-old riddle that delves deeper than she could have imagined.

This is the time to let inhibitions go. This is the time of the Bohemian.

The Stone Masters Vampire Series: A Vampire’s RiseA Vampire’s Reckoning, & A Vampire’s Dominion). Mortal Veil Stone Masters 0.5 short story



My Review:

Bohemian is the fourth book in author Vanessa Fewings’ Stone Master Vampire Series, and admittedly the first in the series that I have read.  Clearly I have been missing out because this is a beautifully written book and I must add the entire series to my reading list.

Scotland Yard Inspector Ingrid Jansen is put on the case of a woman abducted from the streets of London.  She has no idea at the time that this case will lead her back into the world of immortals, a world she must keep hidden from her fellow detectives on the case. A world she was ordered to stay far away from by her former vampire lover and head of the vampire society.  Easier said than done when Ingrid realizes that the missing woman is part of that immortal world.  Ingrid finds herself caught up in more than just the mystery of a missing person when the vampires she is trying to leave behind show up on her doorstep.  She is suddenly caught up in mystery and deceit and at one point has no idea who she can trust anymore.  Can she trust the vampire love she has been trying in vain to forget about? Or maybe the vampire enemy that seems to be changing his ways? Or should she trust the legendary instinct that has gotten her this far in her career?  Uncertainty has never held such a high price….the life of a missing person is at stake.

This, to me, was a refreshing change of pace in that it was a mystery with some fantastic suspense and the added beauty of the classic vampire.  What I mean by that is that the vampires in this book are eloquent, members of high society, stunningly beautiful and remain hidden from the mortal world.  They have a lot of the traits that make up the “original” vampire and it was nice to get back to those roots….not being able to go out into the daylight as just one of those traits.  What was also enjoyable was the fact that even though it is the fourth book in a series I have not read, I was not lost while reading.  Relationships and background information was explained with just enough information to keep me up to speed without going into too much detail and diluting the story.  The mystery piece of the story was done really well and had me guessing until the very end, which I didn’t see coming at all.  Ingrid was a likable gal with a good head on her shoulders and reacted to situations in a very natural way.  I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her and her vampire love, Jadeon.  In this book they have reached quite a turning point in their relationship and it was a treat to read.

The Stone Master Vampire Series is a vampire series worth checking out if you haven’t already and a vampire series I am looking forward to reading more from!  Thank you, Vanessa, for a beautifully written, suspenseful, mysterious story!

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About the author:

Vanessa FewingsVanessa Fewings (aka V.M.K. Fewings) is the award-winning author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Her first erotic novel, Enthrall, will be released later this summer. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

Vanessa has been invited as a special guest to attend the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club’s Annual Ball and Undead Con in New Orleans this Halloween. Alongside some of the most distinguished authors, including Anne Rice herself, Vanessa will be a guest on writer panels and at the author meet and greet where fans will get the chance to chat with her personally about her new vampire novel Bohemian.

Vanessa Fewings is repped by management firm IPG.

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