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Title:   Never Let Go

Author:  Scarlett Edwards

Genre: New Adult Romance

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The start of college heralds new beginnings and new friendships. It gives every girl a chance to reinvent herself.

I go and screw mine up by meeting the most gorgeous guy I’ve laid eyes on in five years while talking to my cat outside my dorm.

But Andrew Crowner is far from judgmental. After helping me move my things to my room, he has me smitten by his easy manners and kind smile. And from the way his eyes linger on me before he leaves, I start to think that maybe I’ve caught his attention, too.

I let myself believe that luck might finally be on my side until I stumble upon my roommate… and her overnight guest.

Spencer Ashford.

Lean and tattooed, sexy as sin and dangerous, Spencer is exactly the type I want to avoid. I would have no trouble with that… were it not for his swift and inexplicable interest in me.

In the span of a week, I go from a girl with next-to-no experience with boys to one caught in the cross hairs of two totally different men.

Andrew’s interest is wholesome and sweet. Spencer’s is edgy and raw. The choice should be easy. But there are always complications, and sometimes, matters of the heart take the least expected turns.


My review:

Never Let Go is the first book in a new series from author Scarlett Edwards and gives us an emotional, intense and delicious start.

Paige is starting her first year at college and it’s definitely a new beginning and a fresh start for her.  Something she didn’t exactly think she’d find herself, however, is torn between two very different but equally attractive guys.  Andrew is the all-American, clean cut guy next door while Spencer is the sexy, tattooed guy with a reputation the certainly precedes him.  Now, not only is Paige trying to navigate life on her own, she’s trying to navigate very foreign feelings for two different guys.  Will she end up with either one of them?

Never Let Go was an emotional story with bits of mystery surrounding all of the main characters, which really added to the story as a whole.  Paige had gone through some things in her life, it was clear from the beginning, but we didn’t really find out until later in the book exactly what events had transpired that made her who she was today.  I enjoyed that aspect.  The same went for Spencer and Andrew.  There was clearly a history between them and that mystery lasted almost the whole book.  When we did find out, it was a total “WHOA” moment that really made a lot of pieces fall neatly into place.  Pieces that I really didn’t even realize were there.   Paige was a likeable girl with a smart head on her shoulders and wasn’t all starry eyed and boy crazy which added to her charm.  She made these guys really work to earn her friendship and a big high-five to that.  Spencer had me wanting to hate him with his (I hate to say it) semi-womanizing ways, but I could tell there was more to him and I am glad I gave him a chance.  Andrew was my first choice for Paige but, the exact opposite of what I felt for Spencer, I felt like there was something off with him and that he was too good to be true.  I won’t tell you what the final verdict was, but I will say that the back and forth feelings I had for these two guys lasted almost the entire book.  That, to me, is the sign of great writing.

Now, I have to at least warn you all that this book did have a bit of a cliffhanger ending.  Some issues were indeed resolved, but we are left kind of hanging.  The ending isn’t as abrupt as most cliffhanger endings, but I did feel like it should qualify as one.  I don’t mind them in the least, but I know some of you do so I felt I should mention it.

All in all this was a great read with lots of back and forth emotion that I really enjoyed.  I can’t wait for book 2 in the series and see how life is going for Paige!  Thank you, Scarlett, for an emotional and entertaining book with some delicious man candy!

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About the author:

ScarlettEdwardsPicI’m Scarlett Edwards.  I wrote my first book as a college sophomore.  After six months of edits, it made its debut as Yours to Savor.

That was at the start of 2013.  I’ve written more books since then.  You can find them all here.

It’s funny how quickly life changes.  I used to think I’d need a degree to get a “Real Job.”  Then I wrote a few books, they got somewhat popular, and now I’m living the life as a full-time romance author.

Thanks to all my readers for making my dream come true.

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