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Genre: New Adult (Romance)

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  Synopsis: Whoever said life is hard didn’t know the half of it! Completely devastated when his life is ripped out from underneath him, Jordan Rhodes decides to take a break. A break from everything he’s always known; the country club life-style, his life-long friends and his overbearing parents. He just wants to be free to get lost and not feel the pain he has endured. Kimber Maguire has been dealt the tough card her entire life. An ailing mom, a sister who refuses to face reality and a yearning for the one that got away, she finds putting one foot in front of the other as her only saving grace. What she really wants is to be free of feeling the pressure that is her life to get lost. But when Jordan finds Kimber while losing himself, they both discover, sometimes you just need to feel to be found.


My review:

Feeling This is the debut novel from author Casey Blue. Kimber Maguire is tired.  She’s tired of dealing with entirely too many problems for entirely too long.  She should be enjoying her youth, not taking care of a sick alcoholic mother and sister who wants no part in their life.  But she’s trying to get out of this dead-end life.  She’s taking classes at the community college, working as a bartender and helping out with the family that has always been there for her and her mom.  Things are looking up from time to time.  One of those times is when a handsome, quiet stranger comes into the bar.  Little does Kimber know just how much this stranger will come to mean to her. Having grown up in the lap of luxury, Jordan Rhodes hasn’t ever known real suffering.  He’s smart, educated, wealthy and has the love of an amazing woman.  Things are going really well for him….until he starts to notice some changes in how the love of his life is behaving.  Concern drives him to speak to her family and he is entirely unprepared for the tragedy that is about to unfold.  Needing to get away he leaves his life behind in search of something new.  That something new comes in beautiful package serving him his beer in the small town he stopped in. Together, Kimber and Jordan have enormous personal demons to slay and they will need to relay on the strength they give one another to overcome.  They can do it…as long as they have each other. Overall, I really enjoyed this story.  I thought the emotional turmoil both Kimber and Jordan have to endure was really intense and well done.  Both of their situations deal with really powerful issues and as an intense as they both are, I feel they are extremely prevalent social issues many people deal with and can identify with. If I have one complaint, it’s that around the middle of the book, I lost my connection with Jordan and Kimber and it didn’t build as well as I thought it should have.  It was a tad rushed, I felt.  The ending, however, held up to what I had envisioned as their happy ending.  So as a whole package, I did enjoy it….and went through my share of tissues during the first half!  You know how much I love to cry during a book…strange to some, I’m sure, but I do love it! Thank you, Casey, for bringing emotional, intense and very real situations to life in your writing! I’m happy that Kimber and Jordan found each other and helped one another heal.

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*Review note:  I received an advance copy of this title and I feel, on the off-chance that all mistakes weren’t corrected before publication, that I should mention I did notice more than a few punctuation errors within the work.  It was slightly distracting to me as a reader, and as a blogger, I don’t want my word to be tarnished by not warning fellow readers of the possibility of missed corrections in the final published work.  Thank you and in no means do I feel the errors should sway you in buying, and enjoying, this title.   




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 About the author: 

CaseyBlueAuthorPicCasey Blue is a hopeless romantic always striving for the perfect love in which to write about. Her ideal swoony boy constantly changes. She is the Hyde to Jekyll and Hyde; whatever her other half does, she’s a little CaseyBlueCartoonnaughtier! J She is addicted to caffeine and loves Jelly Bellies. She loves imperfect characters because in the end we are all imperfect. She has been writing her whole life but ‘Feeling This’ is her first New Adult masterpiece. She is happily married with kids and lives in the sunny state of Florida.

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