Cover Reveal….Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

It is an honor and privilege to reveal the cover of the sequel to one of my favorite books (and one of my tattoos), Poughkeepsie…..


Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia


Return to Poughkeepsie is set to release December 2013


Beckett Taylor is a murderer. Destruction and intimidation are his calling, his craft— whether he wants it that way now or not.

He left Poughkeepsie to keep his brothers safe, to keep Eve safe. Set up with happy lives to live, they’re better off without him, right?

But all his willpower crumbles when he hears his brother Blake’s frantic voice on the phone. Mob forces have moved in on his old territory, and Livia’s been taken. In an instant, Beckett knows it will take an attack only he and Eve can execute to bring her back safely. All his self-imposed embargoes are torn to shreds, along with the new man he’s struggled to become.

“Brother, call Eve. I’ll be there soon.”

In this emotional and action-packed sequel to Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia conjures a tale of love at its most raw and ragged. With Beckett and Eve, how could we expect anything less? But even when it’s messy, not magical, true love perseveres. Real love finds a way—for better or worse until death does part.


If you haven’t already read, and fallen in love with Poughkeepsie, you really need to get it on your to-read list….trust me.

Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia links:

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Goodreads ~ My review

About the author:

Debra Anastasia is busy, just like every other mom. There’s dinner, the dogs, the kids, and their homework. The laundry pile turns into a big, heaping monster. When the clothes finally make it into the washer, it gets unbalanced and puts on an elaborate show before it cuts out. This crazy job that never ends is her first love and her crowning achievement.

Her writing started a decent handful of years ago when along with the dogs, cat, kids, and husband, the voices of characters started whispering stories in Debra’s ear. Insomnia was the gateway for the plots that wouldn’t give up, wouldn’t let go. In the shower, a twist would take hold and–dripping and frenzied–she’d find somewhere, anywhere to write it down.

Debra grew up in New York and got a bachelor’s degree in political science at SUNY New Paltz. At the start of her marriage, she moved to southern Maryland with her husband. She still doesn’t trust crabs and all their legs, though everyone else in her family thinks they’re delicious. Her favorite hobbies include knitting, painting furniture and wall murals, and slapping clowns.

Omnific Publishing published her debut novel, Crushed Seraphim, and the sequel to angel Emma’s adventures,Bittersweet Seraphim. She’s working on Return to Poughkeepsie right now to be released in late 2013. You can visit her website at DebraAnastasia.com and find her on twitter @Debra_Anastasia.


  1. Can you believe I still have not read Poughkeepsie! I’ve had the book since it was originally published and still have not gotten to it! The shiny always distracts me. But…the sequel synopsis looks so good, I really need to kick it in gear!

    Gorgeous cover to boot!

    • Ahhhh!! Consider this my official you-gotta-read-it butt kicking 😉 Trust me, you will plow though it b/c it’s THAT good!

  2. jenlanebooks says:

    Love the chains!

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