Crash Into Me author K.M. Scott visits for a release day guest post….

I am so happy to have author K.M. Scott on the blog today with a fun guest post on the official release day of Crash Into Me!

Hope you all enjoy and be sure to check out the yummy goodness of Tristan and Crash Into Me….ENJOY!


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K.M.’s guest post:

Thank you, Jillian, for having me here today at Read-Love-Blog as I celebrate the release of my new book, Crash Into Me! Release day is always very exciting, so today’s a busy day for me.

I wouldn’t be able to have this day if it weren’t for my characters Tristan and Nina. When the idea for Crash Into Me began to spin around in my head, sort of like a hurricane out in the warm ocean waters that just sits and spins and spins until it becomes huge, I only knew one thing: Tristan was the focus.

The reason for that is that I write erotic romance and he’s the character who drives the sex. That isn’t to say Nina is an innocent virgin. Sexually, she’s very much like anyone else in their mid-twenties. She may be naive in many ways because she’s a small town girl at heart, but sexually she’s very much Tristan’s equal.

However, it’s Tristan who’s the show for romance readers. Gorgeous, wealthy, and deliciously mysterious, he’s a powerful man who wants what he wants. And he gets it. I loved writing his character (and continue to love him as I write the follow up book, Fall Into Me). He has a wonderful way of saying just enough to make Nina crazy or want him like she’s never wanted another man in her life. There’s just something so sexy about a man who speaks only when he chooses to. It can be infuriating, but any woman who’s met a man like that knows that when he does speak, it’s meaningful.

Someone asked me to describe the heat level in Crash Into Me. It’s hot. Very hot. The sex scenes between Tristan and Nina are definitely sexy, but they’re also sensual, and for me, that’s the important part. The reader senses that it’s not just sex for either of them but something far more powerful. As they become more important to one another, the feelings they have for each other deepen and the sex grows more passionate.

That’s what’s great about erotic romance, isn’t it?

Thanks again for having me here on Crash Into Me’s official release day!




About the author:

A writer for years in other genres, I love the sexier side of romance, both as a reader and author. Well-written erotic romance is just what a girl needs some days when the rest of the world is dumping problems on her doorstep, and I love that I can give readers that erotic escape.

I love hearing from readers, so if you want to get in touch with me, email at kmscottauthor@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you asap.

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