Exclusive excerpt from All My Life by Rucy Ban

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I am BEYOND excited to share an exclsive excerpt from Rucy Ban’s book, All My Life, from Neil’s point of view.

Huge thanks to Rucy and a big dreamy sigh for Neil!


all my life

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Thank you dear readers for all the love you’ve shown me! You are all amazing and I wanted to share this new scene from ALL MY LIFE with you as a special thanks! So go ahead and enjoy the ‘drive-in’ scene from Neil’s POV!
The following excerpt is for 17+ due to the hot, steamy foreplay and liberal use of the F word. 
“You being the best goddamn people!” I tell her and tug on her hand. Her softness slams against me and I bite my cheek to stop myself from groaning out loud. 

I know it’s too soon for her. The marks haven’t left her yet and I shouldn’t push her. I don’t want her to get that horrible hollow look on her face again. My heart clenches every time I see her like that. Like something inside her died. 

I wish I could kiss away all the scars he’s left on her heart. Maybe sing her one of those songs she likes so much or sketch her face just the way I see her. Those soft brown eyes, pink lips, her dimples etched out and a cheek-cramping smile covering her face. No trace of sadness anywhere on her. But I’m neither a singer nor an artist. I’m none of that. 

I’m just hoping my love will be enough to make her forget. She raises her hand and quickly wipes something off her cheeks. I lower my head and whisper in her ears, “No tears, Angel.”

She looks up at me and there’s a playful annoyed look on her face that makes me relax. She’s happy.

Not scared. Not nervous. Happy. Thank fuck.

Then she pouts her pink lips at me and my gut clenches. Somehow that little act of hers snaps something inside me and I just can’t wait any more. I have to taste her…now. I crush my lips to hers and God it’s like I’ve just tasted heaven. Soft, hot, wet and sweet. My tongue delves in her mouth and the beat between us flares. Her heart pounding against my chest, the chills covering her arms, the soft moans she’s whimpering in my mouth, everything tells me she wants me. And when she raises her legs, wrapping them around me, it’s all the confirmation I need.

Whatever little doubt I have is crushed just as she pulls my shirt out and slides her soft hands on my chest. She moans at the contact and damn the purr in her voice drives me right over the edge. This is my chance and nothing on this planet can stop me from taking it.

I pull her waistband down and graze my hand just under her belly. She stops breathing and I can tell she really wants me to go on. But I don’t want to rush this. I change direction and lower my hands on her back, squeezing her behind. God but having her in my hands is the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had. I just hope she doesn’t ask me to stop because I think it’ll kill me if I have to.

I look down at her and will her to open her eyes, to give me her approval to continue. But she doesn’t and just when I think I should tell her I’ll stop and we’ll take it slow, she lets out a long overdue breath, opens her eyes and gives me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my entire suckass life. A fist clenches around my heart, freezing me to the spot. Her fingers reach for the zipper on my jacket, pulling it down. It falls open and I shrug it off, soon followed by my shirt. All this while her lips keep mussing with mine, her tongue keeps making short, hesitant strokes in my mouth and her teeth nibble on my lower lip. God help me but I’m only human.

I drive into action like a man possessed. I remove her coat, flick off her shirt and am rewarded with the sight of her in a white lacy bra. My eyes trail over her nipples pebbled and straining against the cotton, almost as if they’re calling out to me.

My heart slamming against my chest, I look up at her face to judge where she’s at. Her eyes closed, her lips apart, her breath coming in short, fast gasps and her long, silky hair falling in a sexy mess on her white, creamy shoulders. It’s the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen.

A sigh escapes my lips just as I lower them on her neck. The pulse racing through her veins quickens as I press my lips on her skin and then graze them down to her breast. I thrust them into the soft swell there just as I bring my hand up to cup it from below. Both of us groan at the same time at the intensity of feelings that rock our bodies.

But I don’t want to act on them just as yet. I want her body to go completely wild with need, till there is not an ounce of shyness or unease left behind in her.     

I slip off her straps and take off the cups still molded to her breasts. Fucking hell’s angels. I was so wrong. This is the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen. My chest is thrumming for a taste of those hardened peaks and I just cannot fucking wait. I bend my head and pull in a nipple in my mouth.  

“Oh!” she gasps and immediately melts into me. I tighten my hold on her and as I keep sucking, her breath starts coming in soft desperate pants, her fingers dig into my skin and her musky scent surrounds me completely. I can tell my angel really likes my lips on her. 


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