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I am so happy to have Eleri Stone, author of Witch Bound, here today with a fun and interesting guest post.  She has also offered to give away an eCopy of either  Witch Bound or Demon Crossing (1st book in the series)…just enter in the rafflecopter below.

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Eleri’s guest post:

I’m a little bit obsessed with the new Vikings show on the History Channel. And why not? Big strapping men. Fierce women. Political intrigue. Exploration. Discovery. Conquest. The tagline for the Twilight of the Gods series is “Modern-day Vikings in the American Midwest.” So I thought I’d tell you how my Vikings match up against the Vikings on the TV show.

1. My Vikings are contemporary. While Vikings, the TV series, is set about 800 CE in Scandinavia, my Vikings could be your neighbors. Well, they could be your neighbors if they didn’t live in an isolated and close-knit farming community that’s unwelcoming to strangers. But they could live the next town over and you’d never know it.

2. My Vikings are Norse demigods. The premise of the series is that Ragnarök, the Norse apocalypse, happened centuries ago, destroying Asgard. Some of the Æsir (Norse gods) managed to escape and settle in spots on earth where the wall between worlds is the thinnest. Because the source of their magic is their devastated home-world, their power is greatly diminished. Add to that the fact that few of them are full-blooded Æsir and you have a group of people who don’t possess the legendary powers of their ancestors but who aren’t quite human either.

3. My Vikings aren’t invading new lands. They’re trying to defend this one. When the wall between worlds thins at new moon and full, the demons who destroyed Asgard are able to break through to earth and the Æsir descendants have to hunt them down and kill them.

4. My Vikings travel by magic, not by longship. (Although longships are very cool and if I could figure out a way to work one in, I’d probably do it.) The Æsir came to earth on the bridge Asbrú which still connects earth to Asgard. They’re able to cross to Asgard and also to make short portal jumps between places on earth.

5. My Vikings could kick TV Viking ass. They carry magically spelled Skimstrok blades designed to fight demons. They’re trained warriors, witches and shapeshifters descended directly from the gods. How could they not win that fight?

But as powerful as they are, they’re really just trying to survive in a world that’s not their home. They can’t let the human population know they exist. They can’t run away from their responsibilities and their connection with the magic of their homeworld without losing their sanity.

Here’s what the new book, WITCH BOUND, is all about:

Raquel Lindgren knows what her future holds. An arranged marriage. A new home in Ragnarok, Iowa, with another clan of refugees from Asgard. She should be happy. But there’s a mental block preventing her from tapping in to her true abilities as a witch. And she’s more attracted to the best man than she is to the groom…

Fen can’t believe he’s falling for his best friend’s future wife. As a hound, a wolf shifter, his duty lies with the pack. He’s seen too many hounds destroyed by love, and he’s sworn never to take a mate, never to have children of his own. He can’t deny his desire for Raquel, but she deserves more than he can offer her.

Raquel’s been raised to trust in magic, her clan and her destiny. But when a vengeful demon threatens to break out of Asgard and destroy the clan, Raquel learns she must trust in love if she is to take the future into her own hands.

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About the author:

Eleri Stone was born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Iowa, married her college sweetheart, and settled in the Midwest where she still lives with her husband and their three children. A lifelong fan of fantasy, she started reading romance as an adult and was instantly captivated by the strong female protagonists, character-driven storylines and guarantee of a happy-ever-after. Writing fantasy and paranormal romance, she is the author of the Lost City Shifters series (shapeshifter paranormal romance), the Twilight of the Gods series (paranormal romance based on Norse mythology) and the Spellcraft series (secondary-world fantasy romance).


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