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The Officer and the Secret releases July 2

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After a rougher than expected deployment, Captain Dwayne Robertson craves the sense of normalcy that his friends can bring him. But when he returns home, there’s an unexpected, but pleasant, twist in the mix—Veronica Gibson. As he struggles to adjust to daily life again, Dwayne craves Veronica and the peace she brings him. But Veronica isn’t without faults. Dwayne hates lies, and Veronica’s entire past is a well-guarded mystery. When the completely unexpected happens, they both realize it’s time to lay their cards on the table and hope they’re ready for love.


My Review:

The Officer and the Secret is the third book in Jeanette Murray’s Semper Fi Series and like the other two in this series, this book was fantastic!

Dwayne Robertson is back from deployment and is more than happy to be home.  He’s happy to see his friends and get back into the normal, every day life here in the States.  He’s also happy to finally meet the girl who had unexpectedly given him a lifeline to cling to when he was away.  Even though he and Veronica had only spoken to a few times on skype, she has made such an impact on him and he needs to explore more of his feelings for her and see if they can build on what they have.  But this deployment had been rougher than expected and Dwayne isn’t having such an easy time getting back into things.  He may need Veronica and her lifeline more than he thought….

Veronica Gibson is finally feeling more and more like a normal woman in today’s times.  She had lived a very sheltered life, to put it mildly, and has had some struggles with adjusting to the way life was lived in these current times.  Fortunately she has her cousin, Skye, and her new friends to help her learn how to be a modern woman…and with that comes dating.  Not fully knowing if she’s ready to jump into the dating pool just yet, she is sure of one thing…the attraction she feels toward the big, handsome southern Marine just back from deployment. Nervous and unsure of how to handle those feelings, she realizes quickly that she may be in over her head.  But she also realizes Dwayne may need her help with his reentry into life here and they just may have more in common than she ever imagined.

Together Dwayne and Veronica have somewhat similar issues with life at the moment, and they find their mutual attraction has become very strong and very real.  Just when they think they’re on the right track to starting a relationship and have taken steps that were controlled, well though out & responsible WHAM! life throws them a curve ball.  Will they be able to handle the newest obstacle?

This is one of my favorite series and I was eagerly waiting for Dwayne’s story and I was so happy with how it all played out!  Dwayne is a big ol southern teddy bear with a huge heart.  He’s loyal and strong….all wrapped into a deliciously handsome package.  He knows how to make the gals swoon with his sweeter than sugar accent but also knows when to take things slowly and give space that is sometimes needed.  Veronica, although still working through her own issues, knows what she wants out of life and is willing to learn how to get it.  She learns that taking risks is all a part of life and sometimes those risks reap great rewards.  It was really great to see her grow and turn into an amazing woman by the end of the book. Dwayne and Veronica as a couple are a great match, totally balancing each other out and willing to lean on one another when they needed it.  That being said, they sure do have their share of struggles in this book, but it made the ending all the sweeter!!  And as always, it is great to see the characters form the first two books in the series…Tim and Skye and Madison and Jeremy.  They really are a dynamic group and I sure hope we get to see more from them!

Thank you, Jeanette, for another kick ass addition to the Semper Fi Series!

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About the author:

Kat (or Jeanette!) spends her days surrounded by hunky alpha men…at least in her imagination. In real life, she’s a wife and a mother, keeping tabs on her husband of six years, her three year old daughter and the family dog, a lovable (but completely stupid) Goldendoodle. Hang around long enough and you’re guaranteed to hear at least one or two stories about these three.

What’s with the two names? Great question. Kat (or Jeanette) writes for a few different publishers. And due to the timing of some releases, two names just seemed like the right option. But Jeanette (or Kat!) can assure you, no matter which pen name you’re reading, you’re going to get sexy contemporary love.

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