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I am so happy to be a part of the blog tour for My Now & Forever by H.J. Bellus!

I was lucky enough to ask Milly and Lacey some questions (you KNOW they were all kinds of silly and juicy questions) and the gals were kind enough to answer!  There’s a great giveaway happening, too! You can enter to win an ecopy of My Now & Forever, a My Now & Forever notebook, cupcake necklace or a 425 Amazon gift card!  The rafflecopter is below the interview.



Ok gals, so I have to warn you, I’m not really the “serious” type of interviewer.  So, I would be asking things like “If you could feed the world, how would you do it?” or “If men really are from Mars, does that mean we’ve been living a sci-fi lie?”.  I have a hard time being serious!  Serious isn’t as much fun!  Ok, so now that’s out of the way, let’s get to business:



Since we can’t actually see your tattoos, can you tell us about some of them?

I got my first tattoo at fifteen to cover up some of my past.  I love color and my tattoos color me.   I have a blue bird that sits on the middle of my back.  A crown and hearts up the side of my left ribs and a skull sits on my hip.  My right arm is covered in a sleeve of vines.  Each one has a meaning.  Some are for the one person I ever loved, my momma.  The others for the people I fucking hate in this world.  They are reminders to never let anyone hurt me again. Frankly, there are too many to name.  I have a colorful tat that covers my lady bits, but you will have to follow my journey to find out what it is. 


What’s the absolute worst coffee concoction Milly has made so far?

Jesus!  Milly can be such a creative dumbass sometimes.  She made a tropical harvest mocha for me once.  It had banana, coconut and pumpkin flavoring in the coffee.  I fucking tossed my cookies that morning after tasting it.  She can really be a dumbass, but she is my favorite dumbass.


One thing you can tell us about Milly that we don’t already know…c’mon…dish it, girl!

Milly likes to take it in the butt.  Just kidding!  But let’s start that rumor.  Tell everyone you know.  Let’s see.  You all know she is a cum guzzler and completely whorish with her husband.  And she has been banged by a hot mechanic.  I know!  She secretly has a crush on Cee Lo Green.  She wants Cee Lo to bend her over and butt fuck her real good.  We just need to find a stool for the duo.  Sike!  What kind of a biotch would I be to give up her secrets?  Nice try!



Awww….how’s that stud muffin, Cree doing?   And Annie?

Cree is simply amazing and hot as ever.  He is busy farming and taking care of us.  He showers us with sprinkles and unconditional love.  Some nights when he is working late my crazy-ass doubt creeps in.  I get scared that he has left.  I always text or call him when this happens and his sexy ass is home in minutes. Cree makes us Mac n’ Cheese at least once a week and we try to eat pumpkin pie as much as possible.

Annie is still perfect!  We are working on getting her cussing under control.  You can tell she has been hanging out with us girls way too much.  I still remember the night she called Olive a “twat waffle”.  I thought Cree was going to choke each of us with his bare hands! 

She is the lead in the spring play and totally jacked about playing t-ball this summer. 

Willow, Lacey and I still volunteer in her classroom on a regular basis and provide entertainment for ever party.  Lacey wanted to slip a laxative into PJ’s snack on the field trip.  I convinced her it was inhumane or something like that.  PJ really is a little asshole.  Who knows what happened…the little shit was running to the bathroom all day on the field trip. 


I was wondering if you ever made any coffee concoction at the shop using the magic sprinkles?

I was having a shitty morning at The Shop.  Cree called in the middle of it and I went mental on his ass.  Ten minutes later he strolled into the shop with sprinkles.  He locked the door and flipped the switch on the open sign.  I sat on the counter nursing my burnt hand and sore, chapped-ass nipples while he made me my favorite coffee.  I hate being back at work, but everyone insisted I should work a couple of hours a week.  Something happened when Captain started dancing and sprinkling my coffee with sprinkles.  Those sprinkles on the white, fluffy cream lit my lady bits on firaaahh!  I pounced on my husband like a dirty, slut ravaging every piece of him.  The mixture of the coffee, sprinkles and Cree ignited some pretty crazy shit.  Shit that would be considered illegal in most countries.  Sprinkles are now served daily with the Blended Heaven drink.


…….Now onto the juicy stuff (mwahaha)


Last completely adorable thing The Captain did?

We had to wait awhile to take our honeymoon.  I wasn’t ready to leave the farm and we had to make arrangements for Annie.  We were scheduled to be gone for seven days.  Seven days away from the farm and our family.  The first four days flew by and then I was ready to be back home.  Cree knew how much home meant to me, so he took me home without a complaint. 

The first night of our honeymoon Cree surprised me with my bucket list thingy.  Captain had packed it in his luggage.  He made sure I checked EVERYTHING off of my bucket list thingy twice!  The man is perfect and fucking delicious in an elevator! 


If you had to use only three words to describe the last time you guys did the deed, what would they be?

Embarrassing, hot and unforgettable.

The dumbass convinced me that the front windows of his truck were tinted.  We were out with the gang at the local bar and got pretty horny.  We snuck out to the truck.  Like I said, the dumbass convinced me the windows were tinted.  We went to ravaging each other.  Cree had me pinned down and was banging the shit out of me.  We heard hollering and cat calls.  Yep, we had an audience cheering us on.  The only face I spotted was Old Man Jenkins and he was cheering along with the crowd. 

Pretty much…embarrassing, hot and unforgettable.


You guys still venture out on the tractor (wink, wink)?

As much as fucking possible.  There’s just something about green and yellow that heats up our relationship.  Cree makes sure to buy me a new skirt every trip to town.


One thing Cree would absolutely die with embarrassment over if it ever got out?  (…c’mon, it’s just between us, no one will ever know!)

Cree and I are the most competitive jack-wagons known to mankind.  Cree is an absolute football fanatic.  One night while watching a game we bet.  Cree put all his pennies on Denver and I bet on Dallas just to piss him off.  The loser had to run to the mailbox naked.  Remember, we have a very long lane.  I enjoyed watching Dallas whoop Denver.  I let Cree wear his water boots to take his run of shame.  Armed with the spotlight I didn’t miss a beat of my very sexy pirate jogging down the lane.  At one point, he was jogging backwards whipping his member around in circles.    This is where it gets funny!  Cree ran into his godmother in the middle of the night, naked and in our lane.  Donna (his mom’s best friend) had a flat tire and was making her way up to the farm for help.  Did I mention he ran into her at the mailbox at the end of the lane?  Being the gentlemen, Cree walked her back to the house trying to cover his junk the whole time.  I literally PMP’ed down both legs watching my naked husband walk back up the lane.  Donna promised not to tell a soul, and I was caught off for 2 days!  Best bet of my life.   


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