Cover Reveal…Soulless by Joshua J. Johnson

I am beyond excited to bring you the cover of Soulless, the debut YA novel from Joshua J. Johnson:


Mia and Roxanne have always been the best of friends, supported each other throughout their lives, and have always been happy for one another… but that’s when things were simple.

Fast forward to their teenage years, and now life is full of complications… but only for Mia.

Everything seems to happen to Mia, whereas Roxanne seems to be living the sweet life– literally. She has her family, her bakery, and the love of her life– everything that Mia wants.

But one day something terrible happens, and Ryan–her boyfriend– is nowhere to be seen, people go missing, and bodies are found. The creatures appear in your bathroom, down your streets, and inside your bakery, and along with them they bring blood, action, and hunger– a hunger for souls.

Because the question is:

Who is the villain?

Maybe it just isn’t who you think it is…

Written from different points of view, SOULLESS will raise questions about each character, as well as humanity as a whole, whilst being packed with action, guns, cakes, blood, kisses and romance.


SOULLESS is Joshua J. Johnson’s debut YA novel, and is due to be released November 30th, 2013.

About the author:
Joshua J. Johnson currently lives in England with a Giant African Land Snail called Tiny, and a wardrobe full of books.
He started writing as soon as he discovered that books didn’t randomly appear, and that they are actually written by people. After growing up writing short stories by hand for his brother and his family, he decided to create a blog to post some of his creations. His blog is now read in over 80 countries around the world.
He is the proud author of the upcoming children’s book, and several YA novels.


  1. Kate Baldwin says:

    It sounds fantastic. Cant wait to get my copy. Well done, proud of you x

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