ARC Review….Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick


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Silence is only skin deep.

Nineteen year old Daniel Colton is the guy all the girls want to date, and the man all the guys want to be. Moody, with an explosive temper, closed off and sullen, he’s also beautiful, tatted in delicious ways, with a pierced eyebrow and spiky black hair. It’s rumoured he has piercings in other places, too. Is he really mad, bad and dangerous to know?

Daniel lives with his older brother, Zef, and their home is party central. You want drugs, a good time, liquor, no questions asked? Colton’s is the place to go.

When Daniel and good girl Lisanne Maclaine have to work together on an assignment, Lisanne finds there’s a lot more to the college’s bad boy than his reputation. He’s intelligent and funny and good company. And then she discovers his secret, why he’s so closed off to everyone, and determined to keep people at arms’ length. But being his secret-keeper is harder than she ever dreamed.

Recommended for readers 18+ due to sexual references and sex scenes, some coarse language, drug references and drug use.


My Review:

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of Jane Harvey-Berrick and her work.  I adored the duo of The Education of Sebastian and The Education of Caroline.  So, when I received an email from Jane’s publisher offering a chance to read Dangerous to Know & Love, I jumped at the opportunity.  Only a few chapters in, I emailed back and said:  “Jane has done it again”.  This book was amazing…truly amazing and immediately goes on my favorite list.

Lisanne Maclaine has started college and is adjusting quite well until she has to be paired up with Daniel Colton for a project in one of her classes.  Sure, he’s gorgeous and bad-boy style delicious, but he’s also rude and has an ego the size of Chicago…..in other words: no one she wants to work with.  It’s on their first night of working on their project that she discovers Daniel has a huge secret.  A secret that immediately changes her opinion of him and instantly pushes their relationship into an intimate direction…one that neither her, nor Daniel, had ever intended.

Daniel Colton has earned every ounce of his bay boy reputation and has no intention of changing people’s minds.  He’s happy keeping people at a distance and having them back off with just a sideways glance.  After all, when your older brother is known to be the go-to for illegal indulgences and has turned their house into THE place to party, you kind of have to keep your guard up.  He’s also got a huge secret to keep…and you can’t keep secrets when you let people in.  He’s already lost too much in his young life and he is through with feeling the pain you end up with when the things, and people, you love are lost forever.  Yep, it’s easier to be the tough guy loner that everyone thinks him to be.  But when he’s paired with Lisanne, he has no idea that she may be the one person he will change him for the better.

What starts out to be a simple chance assignment pairing for Lisanne and Daniel turns into something so much more and will show both of them what love, trust and taking a chance can do.

I have to repeat myself in saying that Jane has done it again.  I was a little leery at first, seeing that the two main characters were so young, but by the third chapter, I was completely hooked and threw all preconceived hang-ups out the window.  This story was amazing.  Daniel is described as a rough and tumble, lean, muscled, motorcycle riding, tattooed and pierced, hazel eyed hottie with a bad temper and short fuse….an image that is completely shattered once we realize what he his life has been like for him the past seven years.  It is a HUGE piece of the story, and unfortunately also a huge spoiler, so I can’t give it away.  I know, I know, but just trust me on this!  I didn’t see it coming and I completely melted and fell in love with Daniel the minute I knew what his secret is.  Lisanne is a music major with a nice, normal, white picket fence family and has never really known heartache or what real disappointment has felt like.  One would think that she wouldn’t understand a kid from the wrong side of town, or a kid with such a huge chip on his shoulder…well, one would be very wrong.  She is absolutely perfect for Daniel.  They complete each other beautifully and the emotions between them are so strong.  Whether it’s fighting because one of them is being thick-headed or they are sharing a quiet and loving moment, this couple is just amazing.  They have many obstacles along the way, facing parents and friends that don’t understand their attraction, loss, heartache and prejudices just to name a few.  But they know they can handle it all, as long as they can get through them together.  I cried many, many times while reading this book, and as you know, I do love a book that makes me feel and this is a book that will be with me for quite some time.  Daniel absolutely broke my heart one moment and awed me with his perseverance the next.  Lisanne has the biggest heart and is willing to put it all on the line….for him.

The Book Gods were shining on me when they dropped this gem into my inbox and, although I’m not sure of a release date for any source other than Amazon, I highly recommend it.  From start to finish, this was an emotional, heart-warming story where the Phoenix rises from the ashes and a happy ending comes well deserved.  Thank you, Jane, for once again giving us an incredible story.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Shirley Bastian says:

    Jillian ~ thanks for sharing your review. It’s already on my TO BE READ this weekend list!!

  2. Selena, you have me crying and I’ve read the book a few times. You wrote a truly beautiful review. Thank you. Lisa

    • Lisa- you just made my day! Thank you for taking the time to read my review and for enjoying what I wrote! Jillian

      • Ah Yeah Jillian! Where did Selena come from? Maybe it has something to do with too many late nights this week. I blame Jane. 🙂

        • No worries, Lisa! I’m still smiling from ear to ear knowing you liked my review. Seriously, you have no idea how much your comment means to me!!! Thank you!! xo Jillian

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