Frisky Friday featuring Zach and Savannah from Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace

RLBFriskyFriday      This Frisky Friday features Zach and Savannah from Ella Grace’s Midnight Secrets.  I absolutely LOVED this book and highly recommend this yumminess! 


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Savannah didn’t wait for him to open the car door but pushed it open and came to met him as he rounded the car.  She held her hand out to him, and they practically ran to the back door.  She opened the door, slammed it shut, and his mouth was back on hers.

Zach had never been this turned on or felt such urgency in his life.  Savannah was right there with him.  Within seconds, they were ripping the clothes off of each other.  The mudroom wasn’t exactly the most romantic location, but damned if hed stop.  When his hands met silk-smooth skin and he realized she was completely naked, Zach knew he could wait no longer.  “I’ve got condoms in my pants.”  Which were unfortunately on the floor and he’d have to let her go to get to them.  Something he didn’t want to do.

“No.  No condoms.  I’m on the pill.  We’re fine.” The words were said between gasps and moans.

“You’re sure?”

Her hands closed around him, held him tight, and then rubbed his length up and down.  He heard an “Uh-huh” and then he couldn’t think any longer.  Savannah was on her knees.  Hot, moist breath was a warning and then her mouth closed around him.  Zach held her face in his hands and watched as she took him deep and then withdrew, over and over.  They had never done this before.  She had kissed and caressed him there but nothing like this.  How in the hell was he going to stop?  The only thing he wanted to do was continue surging and retreating until nothing mattered except filling her moth and letting go.  Teeth gritted, he reminded himself that he’d been waiting for this moment forever, and pulled out.

The passion and want gleaming in her eyes almost made him reconsider.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you like that?”

“Oh hell yeah, I liked it…too much.”  He grasped her under her arms, pulling her to her feet.  Kissing her softly, thoroughly, he tasted himself and he almost came.  “I want to be inside you when I come.  We’ll save the playing for later.”

She nodded, the glassy look in her eyes telling him she was already concentrating on something else, namely his fingers that were plucking at her taut nipples.  Zach leaned down and captured a peak with his mouth and sucked hard.  A soft gasping squeal was his reward, the she held his head as he concentrated on each breast, giving each one equal treatment.  When he lifted his head, he was gratified to see both nipples wet and gleaming, distended even more.  Tempted to go back for another taste, he stopped when she said, “I want you inside me.  Now.”

He wanted that, too, but there was something he had to do first.  Whirling her around, he pressed her against the wall and went to his knees.

“Hey, no fair,” she said breathlessly.

“You said you wanted me inside you.”  He parted her legs and speared her with his tongue, thrusting deep.  Withdrawing, he growled, “This is me.” He licked and thrust again. “Inside you.”

Her hands went to his hair; apparently sh’d decided not to argue.  As he plunged, retreated, licked, and then thrust once more, her soft gasps and moans coming from abpve were the most beautiful sounds imaginable.  Her fingers weaved through his hair as she undulated, riding his tongue, her moans growing louder.  Zach thrust harder, deeper…Savannah’s entire body tightened and then she came, throbbing sweetly against his mouth.

Unable to wait any longer, Zach went to his feet and grabbed her butt.  Picking her up, he pressed her against the wall and then plunged deep, impaling her to the hilt.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He muttered.

When she complied, he held her ass in his hands and began a quick rhythm of plunge and retreat that continued on and on.  Every second he held on, he took as a gift.  Savannah’s eyes glittered up at him, the intensity of her expression one he’d remember even in his old age.  And then she came…Zach knew he’d never seen anyone more beautiful or perfect.  The next second, he couldn’t think at all.  Climax almost blowing his head off, he let out a growl of fulfillment that could probably be heard all over the house.

Still feeling the urgency, he gave them no time to recover.  “Let’s find a bed.”  Holding her trembling body tight against him, he said, “Think we can stay attached?”

She tightened her legs around him and whispered, “Let’s try.  Just don’t let go.”

“Never.”  With each step, he grew harder.  They made it to the stairway but there was no hope of going up the stairs as aroused as he was.  Turning so he could sit down, he plopped down on the first step, kept her legs tight around her waist, and growled, “Ride.”

Looking both intrigued and excited, Savannah balanced on her knees and began a slow, steady ride.  They kept their eyes focused and fixed on each other, and each plunge inside her caused ripples through both of them.  Finally, as her moves became quicker and less coordinated and her breath started coming in rasps, Zach grabbed her hips and pushed her down until he was buried as deep as he could go.  She came on a wail of ecstasy, and seconds later, Zach followed.


  1. Midnight Secrets is an excellent book. It differs from the LCR series but it is just as good. The LCR books are gritty and driven by action-packed plots. Whereas, Midnight Secrets is a character driven romantic suspense book. The focus is on romance and relationships with an element of mystery and suspense.

    The reader becomes invested in the main characters and their relationship but also in some unique minor characters and the town, which truly is a character as well.

    Savannah and Zach, the main characters are very likable and have you hoping that they will have their second chance at love.

    It is great to see another side of Christy Reece.It is a testament to your writing skill that you written a book so different from the LCR books but just as enjoyable and intriguing.

    By the way, it is definitely hot!

    Marijane Diodati

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