ARC Review…Famously Engaged by Robyn Thomas

Famously Engaged releases May 13

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Rock star royalty’s favorite son, Jake Olsen, couldn’t help but interfere after listening to his future brother-in-law talk non-stop about his ex-wife, Beth Carlisle. Jake decides that the only way to get the groom’s mind off his ex-wife is to give her a fake fiancé.

Before Jake can convince Beth of his plan, he’s forced to move in with her to avoid the paparazzi. Their instant attraction makes for a sizzling “first date”, but soon Jake’s fame gets in the way and Beth wants out. Too bad Jake’s figured out just why her ex is so obsessed with her, and he’s afraid he’s not going to be able to give her up either.

Now it’s up to Jake to convince this chef together they make the perfect recipe.



This is the first work from Robyn Thomas that I have read and was honored to have received a copy of Famously Engaged from the publisher asking for an honest review.  I am happy to say that it was a really enjoyable story!

Beth Carlisle is in one hell of an emotional rut after the recent death of her mother and is alone with her memories in her mother’s home and in desperate need of a hand to hold to help her through this awful time.  Sure, she has her best friend…but he also happens to be her ex-husband and he is currently planning his wedding and surely doesn’t need to be here with her, drowning alongside her in her sorrows.  What she needs is a distraction to keep the sadness at bay….what bigger distraction then a gorgeous rock star showing up on your door step explaining that he’s your new fiancé? Yep, that’ll do it!

Jake Olsen has had enough of hearing his sister’s soon-to-be-husband, Brad, talk incessantly about his ex-wife and is convinced Brad is still in love with her.  He will not allow his sister to marry a man who can’t get an ex-wife out of his life.  Sure, they say it’s just because they are best friends and as close as family, even after the divorce.  But Jake can’t shake that something isn’t right and after seeing pictures of the ex-wife, and seeing how beautiful she is, he will do everything in his power to keep them apart until his sister is married.  Enter: the fake fiancé plan.

Together, Jake and Beth are stuck in a hopeless situation thanks to the silly fake fiancé plan and now they are in danger of falling for one another…this could turn out to be anything but fake and everything very real.

This was a cute modern-day Cinderella story that had all the ups and downs of a fairy tale.  Jake and Beth are in a ridiculous circumstance together, but it ends up being exactly what they both need.  Fate clearly had a plan for these two characters.  Beth needs someone to hold her up and give her a reason to keep going now that her beloved mother has passed and Jake, as it turns out, is very good at that role.  What I liked best about this story was the way both Jake and Beth ended up filling the voids in one another’s lives even though neither one of them originally set out to do so.

I enjoyed this story and read it in a little over a day…it was a light and interesting read that had a fantastic happily ever after that we love best about fairy tales!  Thank you, Robyn, for a great story and thanks to Entangled Publishing for providing me with a copy!

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