ARC Review….Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace

Midnight Secrets releases April 30, 2013

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Midnight secrets


On a hot southern night, with a storm on the horizon, a family is shattered. Three beautiful daughters—Savannah, Samantha, and Sabrina Wilde—go on with their lives, each significantly changed, as they bear the memory of the murder-suicide that killed their parents. For years, they have stayed away from Midnight, Alabama. Until Midnight calls them home.

Savannah is the first one back, when a grueling case in Nashville leads the young prosecutor to seek shelter in the quiet of the once grand Wilde mansion. But when she finds letters casting doubt on her family’s dark, shameful past, she realizes that peace in Midnight is a shallow façade and sinister secrets lurk beneath the surface. Zach Tanner, once the town’s bad boy, is now the new police chief and still has a wild hold over her. Zach can feel it, too, but he hurt Savannah once. As teenagers, they broke every rule together. Now it’s his job to keep her safe, even though he isn’t sure who her enemies are—or which ones might be his own.


My Review:

This is the first book in the Wildfire Series by Ella Grace.  I was lucky to receive this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review and here is my overall opinion:  I.  Loved.  This.  Book.

Savannah and her sisters are well-known in their small town of Midnight, Alabama.  Not only are they part of the wealthiest family in Midnight and beautiful triplets, but also they are the girls whose parents died when they were 10 of a murder-suicide.  Besides their loving grandfather, who has been raising them for the last 8 years, they’ve always had one another.  Not many things are as strong as the bond between sisters.

Small-town-bad-boy Zach has awed Savannah since the minute she first laid eyes on him as a young teenager.  Now, after literally saving her life at the worst senior prom a gal could have, she decides to act on her attraction. Zach can’t imagine how one of the Wilde sisters could possibly see anything in him.  He’s been the town labeled riff-raff since he was a kid.  His mother has an even worse reputation than he does.  To see Savannah looking at him like he was so much more than the poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks is something he could have never have dreamed of.  How had he gotten so lucky? Zach had planned to leave for the military around the same time Savannah was leaving for college and summer fling they have been enjoying ignites a spark in both of their hearts that no amount distance could snuff out. They were determined to make it work.  Turns out the distance wouldn’t be the problem for them….it was the broken trust and hidden secrets that would keep them apart for the next ten years. Funny that secrets and broken trust would be the very things that bring them back together years later.

Savannah, back in Midnight dealing with her family’s affairs after her grandfather dies, can’t stop running into the man who shattered her heart when she was 18.  Of course Zach would end up as Chief of Police in Midnight.  Ironic, really…protecting the citizens of a town who were always quick to put him down.  She had shored up her defenses and refused to dwell on what could have been had he kept his promises all those years ago….but those defenses don’t stand a chance when she sees him again.

Zach knew Savannah was coming back to town.  Gossip flows like sweet tea in Midnight.  He hoped he would have a chance to explain, and apologize, for breaking her heart all those years ago.  Turns out he’d not only have the chance to apologize, but he’d also have the chance to save her life…again.

Ok….I said it in the very first paragraph of this looong review, and I’m going to say it again: I. Loved. This. Book! I couldn’t put it down.  I wolfed it down in a little over 24 hours. Zach absolutely KILLED me.  His childhood story had me bawling and my heart breaking for him.  He is truly the epitome of a book hero.  The guy with a bad rap who overcomes all obstacles to turn opinions around and show people just how honorable and kind he really is, and always has been. Not to mention, Zach is freaking delectably handsome with a body to drool over! Savannah has lost her way along her personal journey.  The young and innocent girl we meet in the beginning had become cold and indifferent.  Luckily she was willing to try to get back to her less cynical roots.  The chemistry between Zach and Savannah is pure perfection.  They are one of my favorite book couples.  I think one of the things I liked most was Savannah and Zach’s willingness to admit their faults and try their best to forgive and move forward.  They both realized their love wasn’t something to let go of.  *dreamy sigh*

Add in a murder conspiracy and mystery to solve and this book was fan-friggin-tastic!

I will be (not-so) patiently waiting to see what the next books in the Wildfire Series holds for us!  I am hooked! Thank you Ms. Grace, for giving me one of my new favorite series.

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