ARC Review….Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker

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He’s Gone Rogue

Ex-Navy SEAL Rock Babineaux’s job is to get information, and he’s one of the best in the business. Until something goes horribly wrong and he’s being hunted by his own government. Even his best friends at the covert special-ops organization Black Knights Inc. aren’t sure they can trust him. He thinks he can outrun them all, but his former partner—a curvy bombshell who knows just how to drive him wild—refuses to cut him loose.

She Won’t Back Down

Vanessa Cordova hasn’t been the team’s communication specialist
very long, but she knows how to read people—no way is Rock guilty of murder. And she’ll go to hell and back to help him prove it. Sure, the sexy Cajun has his secrets, but there’s no one in the world she’d rather have by her side in a tight spot. Which is good, because they’re about to get very tight…


My Review:

Thrill Ride is the fourth book in Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knights Incorporated Series and admittedly, the first in the series that I have read.  I’m so glad I came across this title on NetGalley because I am now a big fan of the Black Knights and will be downloading the rest of the series as soon as I finish this review!

Vanessa Cordova is in the middle of the jungle looking for Rock, the now-named rogue operator and member of Black Knights Incorporated.  She, along with the rest of the knights, is convinced that there is no way Rock could have done the things he is accused of.  She knows the delicious Cajun isn’t capable of cold-hearted murder and is determined to clear his name, even if that means sweating her ass of in the God forsaken jungle looking for him.

Rock knows his days are limited and it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be, a.k.a the U.S. Government, comes for him and ends his life.  He’s been hiding out for what seems like forever trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out why he is taking the fall for murders he never committed.  But, not knowing the head man in charge of the hush-hush operation he’d worked on for years, is coming back to bite him in the ass.  Even if he found out the connection to the murder victims, and figured out why he was being hunted down and held responsible, who would he go to?  Who would he tell?  Now, he’s shocked to find Vanessa, a member of BKI, in his jungle.  She’s here to help clear his name.  But he’s not willing to risk her life, or any of his BKI family…and that’s what the stakes are…life and death.

This story was incredible!  I was on the edge of my seat the entire book.  Julie Ann Walker weaved a who-done-it with a sexy romance that had me loving every minute of this story.  Rock is an amazingly tough, honorable, loyal and sexy Cajun that had me drooling when he spoke his French-Cajun and whose fierce need to protect his brothers and sisters in arms made me love him even more.  Vanessa is amazing.  Her tenacity and fierce determination to prove Rock’s innocence was so admirable.  She knows the kind of man Rock is and won’t allow him to push her help away.  The mystery surrounding Rock and the project that he had worked on in secret for years, had me guessing the entire book.  Julie Ann did such a great job at delivering juicy morsels of clues throughout the book.  I was dying to know what was coming next!  Talk about a thriller! She had me on the edge of my seat up until the very last pages.  Of course, I won’t give you any spoilers, but I will tell you that a project and cover-up of this magnitude took some pretty important people and damn, what a “WHOA” moment it ended up being.  I must say the ending to this suspense is one I didn’t see coming and really enjoyed.

As I said earlier, I will be gobbling up the other books in the BKI series and will surely be keeping tabs on what’s coming next for this amazing group of kick-ass modern day warriors.  Thank you Ms. Walker, for an amazing, suspenseful, exciting and sexy read!

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*Thanks to NetGalley for providing an advance copy for an honest review.

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