Valentine’s Day in Dog Tags Event: Interview and GIVEAWAY


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Today is the big finale of my Valentine’s Day in Dog Tags Event!  

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a moment to chat with Skye, Tim, Madison and Jeremy and see what they are planning for their holiday.  I was also lucky enough to have some fun with author Jeanette Murray and see what her idea of Valentine’s Day fun is!  

I am giving away an eCopy of The Officer Says I do and The Officer Breaks the Rules since I know you guys will love the series as much as I do.  You can enter to win in the rafflecopter below!



Ok…since I don’t want to ask the same old questions that I’m sure you guys hear all the time (the dreaded “so, when are you having kids?” for you, Skye and Tim) I figured, since we are celebrating Valentine’s Day soon, I’d see what you all had planned!  No groaning and pouting, you know you want to tell me some juicy details….


~ Skye and Tim: So…..any fantastic Valentine’s Day plans?

Skye: “You know, I had this wonderful plan to head out to a little restaurant two streets over from Fletcher’s, because who wants to have their special evening where they work? Quiet dinner, just the two of us. That is, until someone managed to pull overnight duty…”

Tim: “I’m sorry! Look, I don’t choose the hours of who gets stuck with duty. You go when it’s your time. It would be irresponsible and a bad example to pawn it off on someone else. And besides, we’ll get a better table the next night. No competition for the day after Valentine’s Day.”

Skye: “Yeah, fine. So you told me. Let’s just say…you owe me.”

Tim: “I’m sorry, I thought you didn’t even like all that traditional stuff.”

Skye: “Maybe I’m a romantic at heart.”

Madison: “Of course you are. You married my brother thanks to Fate, right? That has to have its root in romance.”

Skye: “Good point.”

Tim: “Thanks, Madison.”


~ Madison and Jeremy:  How about you two?  Anything special planned?

Madison: “At the risk of Skye killing us, we’re ordering in and watching a double-header. His pick, then my pick of movies.”

Jeremy: “It’ll be an early night, since Madison has work the next morning.”

Madison: “But I’m glad for the chance to spend it together.”

Skye: “Okay, I’m going to just smother you. I have keys to both your apartments.”

Tim: “Not helping, Mad. After all that Fate junk earlier—”

Skye: “Junk?!”

Tim: “I mean…Fate talk…you pull that.”

Madison: “Whoops! My bad.”



And now, for the awesomesauce author, Jeanette, I have some word association fun! (no groaning and pouting from you either haha!)

First word that comes to mind……

– Conversation hearts: Blah (Not a fan!)

– Roses: Ahhh-choo! (Allergic)

– The color pink: Tot (3 year old daughter’s favorite color EVA!!!!)

– Edible underwear (sorry, I couldn’t resist!): Disaster (…waiting to happen)

hahahahahaha Apparently I am a Valentine’s Day FAILURE! No, but really, out of all the Valentines in the past we have been dating or married, Hubs and I have been physically together for…wait for it…two. Out of ten. Not a great record, right? So I’ve sort of just trained myself to not expect magic on the holiday. But, on the plus side, this gets me out of having to worry about what to do for him. So there’s the bright side. One year, just randomly, he had an Edible Arrangements sent to the house. That was a nice surprise, and perfect for me since I’m allergic to flowers and I love fruit. But otherwise, we just sort of ignore its existence.

But I think if I had to choose to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, I’d pick Madison and Jeremy’s date over Tim and Skye’s. Watch a movie or two on the couch, have a meal ordered in, and just veg. I’m all about it. Fancy dinners are nice but I’m lazy and getting dressed up stresses me out. Haha

So there are all my deep, dark Valentine’s secrets. I’m a lazy slob. 🙂


Hope you all enjoyed the fun interview and Valentine’s Day in Dog Tags!

Special thanks to Jeanette for joining in on the fun and for writing some kick ass heros! 



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  1. i normally leave it b/c i have been single for years


  2. I’m in the mood for some hot military guys — this is perfect! Looking forward to checking out this series.

  3. I love it, a great day to spread the love, =) let people smile via great pics and an extra smile!
    If i can spend the night at home with my hubs and a bottle of red? Even better!
    Happy Valentine´!!

  4. Amber Slagle says:

    Love it!! It is my Anniversary!!! <3

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