Blog Tour, Character Interview & GIVEAWAY…The Shadowguard Series by Michelle Zink

I was lucky enough to catch the characters from Temptation’s Heat and Temptation’s Kiss and had a few minutes to chat with them and answer some things I’ve been DYING to know since I finished reading….



~ So, Scarlet, now that you gave up on resisting Rowan’s bad boy charm, how are you guys doing?  Do you regret anything that led you to this point?

        “Have you seen him? Would YOU regret anything that led him to your bed?”


~ Rowan, have you gone back in to watch Scarlet spar with the other warriors since that day with Kane?

        “That’s a negative. I was told in no uncertain terms that hurting my warrior brethren was off-limits, and since the urge to smash faces when someone hurts Scarlet is basically overwhelming, watching her train is off-limits, too.”


~ So….what’s next for you two?

*Scarlet, looking slyly at Rowen* “Well, there is a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge.”

*Rowen, glaring at interviewer* “Time for you to be on your way.”




~ Lily, girl, first let me say, you have delicious taste in lingerie! I’m sure Kane will agree *wink*….ok, ok, how’s the bakery idea doing?  Any concepts you’d like to share with us?

*Lily, blushing*  “Not yet. And lingerie isn’t so different from a decadently topped cupcake. Everything’s better with a little icing.”     *winks*


~ Kane, did you finally get around to telling Ambrose you were dating Lily?  How’d that go? *shrinking back in my seat hoping it didn’t go badly*

        “Ambrose was surprisingly accepting of the idea. Ivan is another story.” *grumbles about protective big brothers*


~ Ok, I gotta ask you two also…..what’s next for you guys?

*Kane, glancing at Lily* “I’m hoping for a houseful of kids, cookies in the oven, and Lily in my arms.”

*Lily beams*




~ Lily and Scarlet, how is your brother these days? Is he still a royal pain in the ass?

*Scarlet rolls eyes* “Is the sky blue? Is water wet? Is Rowen hotter than hot?”

(Lily) “Come on, Scarlet. He HAS been better since he met-”

(Scarlet) “Shhhh! Are you crazy? You’re going to spoil their fun!”

*Lily nodding* “You’re right. They’ll just have to read the next book.”


Way to leave us hanging, ladies! I know I can’t wait for Temptation’s Fire on February 15th!

Hope you enjoyed the interview and be sure to enter the giveaway for an eCopy of Temptation’s Heat below and go to Michelle Zink’s website for more information and more about her and her books!

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  1. i like both! 🙂


  2. Amber Slagle says:

    Bad Boys!

  3. Bad boy! Always, =) more fun that way.
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Tuesday!

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