Review…The Risk-Taker by Kira Sinclair

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Bittersweet Seraphim- pre-CE ARC


Subject: Totally buff ranger Gage Harper Current Status: Walking wounded—both physically and mentally

Mission: Finally get the girl he could never have

Obstacle: She may just be the biggest risk he’s ever taken

All returned POW Gage Harper wants to do is forget, even if he has to let some gym rat beat him to a pulp to do it. He certainly doesn’t want to tell the tale of his heroism to the tabloids. Especially since he’s no hero…. But one journalist is determined to get the inside scoop—and she’s the only girl Gage has never been able to resist.

Hope Rawlings never took Gage’s romantic advances seriously growing up. After all, she was just his buddy, and a guy like Gage could have any girl he wanted. But now she needs his story to get her dream job in the city. And she’s willing to do anything to get it.

My Review:

So I stumbled across this title while searching fro my next read and to be honest, the cover was the first thing that caught my attention.  I mean, HE-LLO yumminess! Then after reading the overview, I knew this was a must read for me.  Now I’m thanking the Book Cover Gods for leading me to this book because I absolutely lurved it!

Gage Harper is an Army Ranger who has just returned home to Sweetheart, SC after being rescued from captivity in Afghanistan.  He’s happy to be home and out of that desert hell but not happy to deal with his new title of “hometown hero”.  He’s even less happy to deal with the all-consuming guilt he’s carrying over thinking he’s the one responsible that he and his men had been captured in the first place.  What better place to purge some of that guilt than in a cage match, getting the snot beat out of him? The last thing he needs is to see Hope, his childhood best friend and the first girl ever to turn him down and break his heart, standing amidst the crowd.

Hope cannot believe her eyes.  Why on earth would Gage be fighting, or more appropriately, getting his ass handed to him, only a few days after coming home? For now, those answers will have to wait.  The mission at hand is to get an interview with him.  One he’s refused to any and every reporter since returning to U.S. soil.  It’s what she needs to land her dream job at a high profile newspaper. He’s her ticket out of this town.  Funny that the only guy that she’s ever wanted to push away was now the very same one she will have to get close to again.  Will she be able to ignore his affections like she had all those years ago?  Will he even still have feelings for her?  Will her heart be able to take another dose of Gage? Hope didn’t realize it, but her resistance started wearing down the minute she laid eyes on him at the fight….she is so screwed.

Together, thanks to the town of Sweetheart’s charity tradition of Cupid’s Couples, they will have to spend a week together. Neither of them really wants to. Now they have no choice but to re-live their pasts…digging up long forgotten feelings both good and bad.  One can only hope they good outweighs the bad this time around.  They may not get another chance.

I. Loved. This. Story.  Gage is a wounded hero, both physically and mentally and is so in need of saving.  He broke my heart with the guilt he carries about being captured and for the torch he has carried for Hope for all of the years since he last saw her.  He is the ultimate rough and tumble, danger seeking bad boy with a sweet and caring soul at the very heart of him.   I could so vividly picture him and feel his emotions.  God, I loved every minute of this book.  Hope is awesome.  She has the perfect amount of toughness and sweetness and gave in exactly when she should have.  Not a moment too soon or too late.  I didn’t get that frustrated feeling that sometimes happens when there’s a push/pull between the hero and heroine.  The ending was seriously a-freaking-mazing *dreamy sigh*

I’m so happy to hear Ms. Sinclair will be giving us more from Sweetheart, cause I know it’s now one of my favorite spots to be!  Thanks, Kira, for a kick-ass read! This is definitely one that needs to be on your to-read list, folks!

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