EXCLUSIVE: The second in the Winemaker’s Feast Trilogy, The Winemaker’s Dinner: Entrée, RELEASE DATE, EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY

As some of you may already know, I read and LOVED The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond and I have some exciting news to share! The wait is ALMOST over!  The second book in The Winemaker’s Feast Trilogy, The Winemaker’s Dinner: Entrée, will be available on DECEMBER 18, 2012! 


Dr. Ivan Rusilko has got it bad. He’s in love—with life, his work, and his baby girl, Jaden Thorne. The nearly 3000 miles between Miami and L.A. that once threatened their happily-ever-after now seem nothing more than a mere geographical challenge—nothing a few hours on a plane and a sexy weekend rendezvous can’t trump. No time apart is too long to keep him from wanting her in his arms and in his bed. He’s absolutely sure Jaden is his dream come true.

Jaden Thorne is living the life she’s always wanted. She’s got her one-in-a-million job on a TV cooking show, she’s achieved celebrity chef status, and she’s in a committed relationship with her perfect guy… Then the network’s surprise decision to add a co-host to her show takes a bite out of her perfectly balanced life and career. With a new man in the mix, living the dream gets a whole lot more complicated both personally and professionally.

When the emotional, mental, and physical paths of true love’s course collide with frustration, secrets, and assumptions, will Ivan and Jaden pay the price? Does their dream-come-true cost something neither can afford?

The Winemaker’s Dinner: Entrée is a decadent meal of passion, sex, and secrets, inspired by the real romantic life of Dr. Ivan Rusilko. Authors Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko have turned up the heat in this emotional follow up to The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers, expertly executing their unique recipe for blending fact and fantasy, with more than a dash of passion and sex.


and now…..an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek for you!

“Catch me if you can!”

“Two can play this game,” he yelled after her as he began to run.

She took the stairs two at a time, and she could hear him drawing near. As she reached the top, her toe caught on the step. Red-hot pain shot through her knee as it skimmed the carpet, but that faded in an instant as Ivan wrapped his hands around her ankle and pulled. She slid down the stairs, and he captured her in his arms.

He rested his hands on either side of her head, steadying himself on the stairs, and hovered inches above her. “You didn’t really think you were going to outrun me, did you?”

“You haven’t caught me yet, doc,” she squealed, backing up the stairs.

A glint sparkled in Ivan’s eye. The tables had been turned. He was the cat and she was the mouse. He was the hunter. She was the prey. In a final gallant attempt at escape, she twisted her body and propelled herself up the steps.

She could feel him behind her, his hot breath tickling the back of her neck. They raced into the bedroom, and his arms wrapped around her waist. They collapsed onto the bed, succumbing to a fit of giggles. All around them were mounds of dresses that hadn’t made the cut, and they now provided an extra layer of cushioning. Jaden struggled to rid herself of the emerald green dress she wore while Ivan tossed around on the bed beside her, making quick work of his pants and shirt. This was the last time they’d see each other for weeks, so there was no time for pleasantries.


Now…because I love gifts, I have an e-copy of The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers up for grabs!a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Shirley Bastian says:

    I have been waiting for the release of “Entrees” since I finished the last sentence in “Appetizers”. Looking forward to seeing where life takes Ivan and Jaden. It is indeed going to be a Merry Christmas!!

  2. I have been anticipating Entrees for MONTHS now!!! I’m so excited that it’s finally almost here!!! My favorite part of the meal is…. ENTREES!!! I’m usually too full for DESSERTS!

  3. Oh my….guess I know what I will be doing dec 18th……better make sure I am all ready for Santa by then;)

  4. Oops….got so beside myself forgot to mention my favorite part of the meal….would like to say desserts, but usually too full, so obviously, I love my Entree! 🙂

  5. Love the blog lady- I always struggle w picking good books!

  6. Charlet Kee says:

    Anxiously waiting on Entree! But there is nothing like waiting on the sweetness Desserts! Excited to continue the story of Ivan and Jaden! Come on 12/18!!

  7. Thanks for the post, Jillian!! MWAH!

  8. Robin Miller says:

    sooo excited. will dwnload to my NOOK as soon as it is available.

  9. Dawn Williams says:


  10. Super excited for this book to come out! Can’t wait for the 18th of December!

  11. Leann Mallow says:

    YAY! I know what my hubby can get me for an early Christmas gift!! 😀

  12. Maria Esquivel says:

    So excited the release is getting closer. When I came across The Winemaker’s Dinner, I put it on my TBR list. So now I will get both at the same time. Patience is something I learning to do! Lol

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